The YPATC Directors

Joe 1

Joseph Zapata

Executive Director

Joe has spent over two decades in managerial duties in the retail world. His desire to be close to family led him to the Youth Performing Arts Training Center. Joe has a vision that the YPATC is and always will be a place where people can learn and build their character. He believes every child should have the opportunity to find their passion. Whether it be in acting, dance, martial arts, or music. He wants to help provide the opportunity to all of them so they can chose to do what makes them happiest and helps them to succeed. The YPATC isn’t just for learning, it is for bringing out the hidden talents our kids hold.




Phone: (386) 848-3232

Hannah 1

Hannah Renee Crawford

Director of Acting


Hannah is a graduate from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Performance Studies. She has spent her time over the years volunteering in Juvenile Detention Centers, Community Theater’s, and doing international work in Siberia. Hannah has worked with multiple productions such as Pirates of Penzance, Leading Ladies, Dr. Doolittle, Painting Churches, Crucible, Sullivan and Gilbert, and much more. She specializes in fields from directing, lighting, audio, performance, and stage management. Working in all variations of the theatre has given her insight as to what it truly takes to put on a production as a whole. Hannah also has script writing experience and in 2018 wrote, directed, and produced her show of The Grinch.



Phone: (352) 217-4406


Ryan Aceituno

Director of Music


Ryan is a Stetson University Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a Bachelor’s in Psychology. Ryan has worked in almost every aspect of music. From performing in multiple venues, experimenting with audio recording, and teaching a variety of music classes. Ryan’s true passion for music lies in extending the experience of music to others.





Phone: (386) 574-3021

Austin Kessler

Operations Supervisor & Music Instructor

Austin loves teaching others, and loves music. Austin has been teaching music since he was 15 years old, and has been playing instruments since he was 8. He began studying piano privately with a professor at Stetson’s University of Music, and networked with several music instructors to learn how to better convey the information he is teaching. So students can have a more comprehensive experience. Austin has knowledge and experience in guitar, piano, bass, and ukulele. Austin has spent time creating online video lessons and books to help with learning music (specifically on guitar) so that outside the classroom students have the opportunity to revisit subject matter. Austin also strong foundation of knowledge in music theory, which he studied in High School in a college level course. Austin wants to share his expertise to create a fun and exciting learning experience for every student that walks through our doors.



Phone: (386) 589-9497