These Programs are designed for ages 3-17

Little’s, Junior, and Senior Acting

Classes not only teach students how to implement the fundamentals of Acting, but they also develop each student’s innerconfidence and individuality. Through improv games and exercises, students will develop stage presence, explore characterization, learn how to emote through character, and work as a team – both on and off stage… and that’s just the beginning! As students progress through the Program, they will delve further into more advanced techniques and methods. There’s much to discover!

Improv Thursday’s June 6 to July 25 (Ages 6-11) 5-6pm
Improv Thursday’s June 6 to July 25 (Ages 12+) 6-7pm

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Spring 2019 Season

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“After Hours” By: Kevin Stone~ All is quiet on the storefront as the owner of a small clothes shop locks up for the night. As she closes up for the night the mannequins all come to life! The store gets robbed…will the mannequins save the day?

“Goldilocks on Trial” By: Stuart Sheeley~ “Goldie,” is on trial for breaking and entering and destruction of private property. Goldie should be found guilty, but conflicting testimonies from woodland animals makes the Judge second guess.

Anne of Green Gables” Adapted By: Sylvia Ashby ~ A refreshing, contemporary telling of the classic story. Stern Marilla and her loving brother Matthew decide to adopt a boy to help on the farm. However, a young, wild and dramatic girl arrives. We follow her through her rebellious years as she grows up at “Green Gables.”


Summer 2019 Theatre Camps:

* “Seussical JR” 

* “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood”

* “Peter Pan and Wendy”


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Audition Preparation

What are we looking for?

Our Audition process is designed to teach students that in the Theatre world this how you are chosen to be apart of a production. And it is vital to take it extremely seriously.

  • Choose a comfortable piece between 1-2 minutes long.
  • Choose a piece that you will perform well in.
  • It is always better to memorize your audition piece then to come improv or have your face glued to a piece of paper. Show our directors that you have come prepared and you want this.
  • Learn the characters of the play you are auditioning for.
  • Most importantly have fun! Don’t allow any one to intimidate you into thinking you cannot do this.