Fall Semester Classes

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These Programs are designed for ages 3-17

Little’s, Junior, and Senior Acting

Classes not only teach students how to implement the fundamentals of Acting, but they also develop each student’s innerconfidence and individuality. Through improv games and exercises, students will develop stage presence, explore characterization, learn how to emote through character, and work as a team – both on and off stage… and that’s just the beginning! As students progress through the Program, they will delve further into more advanced techniques and methods. There’s much to discover!

Dramatic Production

Our Production Program is for students who desire to be part of a live show/production!

Students can choose to be directly in the spotlight on stage, or behind it, running the show behind the scenes. There’s a role for everyone! Both acting and stage crew positions are vital for any production. Our students will learn about how it all comes together and participate in producing every aspect of the show. Students will truly discover  the full meaning behind, “All the world’s a stage!” 

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These Programs are designed for ages 5+


Learning to play a musical instrument can be an incredible experience. The initial excitement for a beginner learning an instrument can be inspirational and powerful.

We offer a variety of classes/private lessons for beginners and advanced students of all ages. Our Program teaches Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, and many other instruments. All we’re missing is you! Feel the music and discover your passion.

Vocal Lessons

Our approach to vocal technique is based on comprehensive knowledge of anatomy (a singer’s instrument) and the way the body works. We specialize in voice and vocal coaching; we use functional training to help singers uncover their most natural sound, regardless of style. Whether it’s Pop, Rock, Musical Theater, Gospel, Jazz, or classical… Discover your voice today!

Private Lessons Include:
Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Drums Brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn), Woodwind (saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, flute), Cello, Bass Guitar, and more.

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Dance Classes

These Programs are designed for ages 3+


This classical style of dance teaches grace through movement, and strength through poise. We help our students develop technique, flexibility, body awareness, and discipline – in a very fun and dynamic way.


In today’s culture, hip hop is easily one of the most publicized and well-known forms of dance. Our classes expose students to different forms of Hip-Hop, teaching them how to dance to the beat of the music, how to strengthen coordination, how to work as a team, and how to take direction.

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Art Classes

These programs are designed for ages 6+

Do you love drawing, painting, sculpting, or all art in general?

The art program is designed to introduce many mediums to the class.

Students work with watercolor, acrylic, oil pastels, 3D modeling and ceramics, which consists with hand building and clay firing.

The students will create their own clay pieces of art using hand building techniques, and can go home with fired pieces of ceramic creations.

Students can expect to leave this class with the art they cherish and can add this fun experience to their lives.

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Junior Production Gretchen and the Grudge 6-8pm (Ages 6-11)

Junior Acting 6-7pm (Ages 6-11)
Backstage Crew 6-8pm (Ages 8+)
Dramatic Production The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood 6-8pm (Ages 11+)

Homeschool Little’s Production Autumns Fairies The Little Gingerbread Man 10-11:30am (Ages 4-7)
Non-Recital Little’s Acting 5-6pm (Ages 4-7)
Drama Llama’s Improv 6-8pm (Ages 11+)

Junior Acting 5-6pm (Ages 6-11)
Little’s Production The Three Billy Goats Gruffs & Let it Snow 5-6:30pm (Ages 4-7)


Art 11-12pm (Ages 6+)
Art 1-2pm (Ages 6+)
Art 5-6pm (Art 6+)



Non-Recital Junior Ballet 5-6pm (Ages 7+)
Non-Recital Petite Ballet 6-7pm (Ages 3-6)
Recreational Dance (Jazz, Tap, Ballet) 5-7pm (Ages 6+)

Petite Ballet 5-6pm (Ages 3-5)
Junior Ballet 6-7pm (Ages 6-9)

Little’s Hip-Hop 4-5pm (Ages 3-6)
Junior Hip-Hop 5-6pm (Ages 7-10)
Intermediate Hip-Hop 6-7pm (Ages 10+)

Petite Ballet 4-5pm (Ages 3-5)
Junior Ballet 5-6pm (Ages 6-9)
Non-Recital Little’s Hip-Hop 4-5pm (Ages 3-6)
Non-Recital Junior Hip-Hop 6-7pm (Ages 7+)
Ballet Intensive 5-7pm (Ages 6+)


Singing Group 5-6pm (Ages 5+)
Show Choir 6-7pm (Ages 8+)
Music Lessons Mondays 10-8pm (Ages 5+)

Music Lessons Tuesdays 2-8pm (Ages 5+)

Music Lessons Wednesdays 10-8pm (Ages 5+)

Music Lessons Thursdays 2-8pm (Ages 5+)

Private Lessons Include:
Piano, Guitar, Violin, Ukulele, Drums Brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn), Woodwind (saxophone, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, flute), Cello, Bass Guitar, and more.

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