About Us


Our team represents some of the brightest and most enthusiastic instructors from various disciplines of study within the world of Performing Arts. We encourage all of our students to become the absolute best at their desired craft and discipline. Our class offerings are conducted in a safe environment and are designed with the ‘student experience’ in mind. We promote building self-confidence, allowing for each student to grow and express their talent.


Our founder, Nick Pizza, wanted to create a place of opportunity for youth of all ages and backgrounds. We share his vision as a team and truly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to pursue their gifts with access to a quality Performing Arts education - at an affordable price. The heart of our commitment is to provide the best possible experience for each one of our students.


Mission Statement

To impact the lives of youth by creating a platform for personal growth, helping to cultivate their talents and potential through the art and discipline of the Performing Arts.